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About our 2021 virtual event

Join us virtually on November 2 – 4, 2021 for the 3rd annual NextGen Supply Chain Conference focused on Driving the Digital Future.
Is your supply chain ready for what comes next?

That’s a question all supply chain leaders should be asking. One thing we know for sure is that the pandemic has unleashed an unprecedented amount of investment in technology to help us realize our strategies and business plans. After all, technology is the backbone of the digital supply chain future. Technology is also crucial to mitigate and recover from the next disruption, whatever that may be. 

Like last year’s virtual event, we will bring together industry leaders, academics and consultants who will share how they’re putting to work emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, the Internet of Things, Predictive Analytics, and Mobile and Piece Picking Robots to drive their supply chains into the digital future. 

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Featured speakers from our 2020 event

Mark Shirkness
Vice President, Distribution, GE Appliances

Kristi Montgomery
Vice President, Innovation, R&D, Kenco Logistics

Bobby Bernard
Executive Director, DCG Supply Chain Strategy & Innovation, Lenovo

Ninian Wilson
Global Supply Chain Director, Vodafone & CEO, Vodafone Procurement 

Jon Chorley
Chief Sustainability Officer and Group Vice President, Oracle

Daren J. Mallard
Senior Manager of Marketing Strategy, Cisco

Adrian Kumar
Global Head of Operations Science & Analytic, DHL

Torsten Pilz
Senior Vice President and Chief Supply Chain Officer, Honeywell

Presenting companies

Key themes

Supply Chain Innovation

The Future of Supply Chain Software

AI, Big Data and Analytics

Lessons from Leaders – Solution Providers

The Robots are Here

Meeting the e-Fulfillment Challenge

Featured sessions from our 2020 event

Keynote: Smart Distribution to Serve Today’s Empowered Omni-Channel Consumer

Mark Shirkness 
Vice President, Distribution, GE Appliances

Keynote: Taking Supply Chain to the Next Level with Blockchain – How Lenovo is Using Blockchain in Their Supply Chain

Bobby Bernard 
Executive Director, DCG Supply Chain Strategy & Innovation, Lenovo

Presentation: An Open Platform for Digital Supply Chain: The Next Wave of Efficiency

Gordon Lu
Director of JD International Business, JD Logistics

Presentation: Beyond Resilience: Building a Supply Chain Platform for Growth

Jon Chorley
Chief Sustainability Officer and Group Vice President, Supply Chain Management Product Strategy, Oracle

Presentation: Planning for the Unplanned

Rachel Hinkes
VP Strategic Market Development, Blue Yonder 

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