The NextGen Program

The NextGen Supply Chain Conference brought together an impressive lineup of industry leaders for an impactful, immersive, and interactive experience. The 2020 event was held virtually with the same exceptional content and high-level engagement as our live event.

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Featured Speakers

Mark Shirkness
Vice President, Distribution, GE Appliances

Kristi Montgomery
Vice President, Innovation, R&D, Kenco Logistics

Bobby Bernard
Executive Director, DCG Supply Chain Strategy & Innovation, Lenovo

Ninian Wilson
Global Supply Chain Director, Vodafone & CEO, Vodafone Procurement 

Jon Chorley
Chief Sustainability Officer and Group Vice President, Oracle

Daren J. Mallard
Senior Manager of Marketing Strategy, Cisco

Adrian Kumar
Global Head of Operations Science & Analytic, DHL

Torsten Pilz
Senior Vice President and Chief Supply Chain Officer, Honeywell

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Featured Sessions

Day 1, First Block:
Welcome remarks
Keynote: Smart Distribution to Serve Today’s Empowered Omni-Channel Consumer
Presentation: Supply Chain Innovation: Death, NASA & Digital – Are you ready?

Day 1, Second Block:
Presentation: An Open Platform for Digital Supply Chain
Presentation: The Value of Connecting Intralogistics and Supply Chain Execution
Presentation: Building a Supply Chain Platform for Growth
Presentation: Dawn of a Digital Day, IoT and IoI
Presentation: Planning for the Unplanned
Software Panel: General Supply Chain, AI Discussion

Day 1, Third Block:
Presentation: Creating a Digital Center of Excellence
Presentation: Pushing the Efficient Inventory Frontier Kraft Heinz
Fireside Chat: Putting Piece-Picking Robots To Work At MSC Industrial

Day 2, First Block:
Keynote: Taking Supply Chain to the Next Level with Blockchain
Fireside Chat: Want to Build a Digital Supply Chain? Focus on Capabilities

Day 2, Second Block:
Presentation: Geopolitics 4.0: Mitigating Risk and Seizing Opportunity in Global Supply Chains
2020 NextGen Supply Chain Solution Providers Awards

Day 2, Third Block:
Presentation: The Startup Supply Chain: Why Technology Startups Matter More Than Ever
2020 NextGen Supply Chain End User Awards
2020 Supply Chain Resiliency Award

Day 3, First Block:
Keynote: ‘Digital Supply Chain is exciting…get ready…’
Fireside Chat: How to Manage The Supply Chain Of The Future

Day 3, Second Block:
Robotics Panel: General robotics discussion
Presentation: Enabling rapid fulfillment through robotics and advanced analytics

Day 3, Third Block:
Presentation: The Warehouse of the Future
Presentation: The My Way Highway: Disruption in Last Mile Logistics
Presentation: How to Build eFulfillment Network

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